Services Fee
Services Fee  Assessment

 Children/Youth Developmental and Learning Abilities Assessment  
  • Sensory Integration and Motor Skills
  • Self Development and Social Communication Skills
  • Cognitive Learning Abilities
  • Language and Speech Abilities
  • Integrated Abilities
 In charged by Child Developmental Consultant / Therapists

 $1,700/hour (Approx. 2-3 hours)
 Written Report $800 /page (2-5 pages)
 Psychologist Assessment  
 Intelligence Assessment (English)
 $6,500 included 1 set of written report
 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessment  (English)  $14,000 included 1 set of written report
 Dyslexia Assessment (English)  $14,000 included 1 set of written report
 『Children Development and Learning Abilities
  • Sensory Integration and Motor Coordination
  • Self-Awareness , Interpersonal Relationship and Interaction
  • Concentration and Calmness
  • Cognitive
  • Language
 Academic Tutoring
                               Individual 45 minutes Session (2 Sessions or more per week)
 Child  Developmental  Consultant -Plan , Trainer-Execute  $950/session
 Educational Psychologist/ Speech Consultant/ Speech Therapists – Plan and Execute
 Child  Developmental  Consultant - Plan and Execute
 Intensive Program – Individual Morning session (Tuesday to Friday)
 4 sessions/week
 5 sessions/week
 6 sessions/week
 Monthly Fee $11,500    
 Monthly Fee $13,300
 Monthly Fee $14,800                                                                         

Clinical Psychology Services



Clinical Psychologist 

$1,800/hr (First visit,Mmimum 1.5hours)

Case Consultation/ Crisis Managment


Music Education
 Music Talent and Abilities Assessment  $1,700 (Approx 1.5 hours) including a brief written report and parent meeting
 Music Intelligence  & Music Theory  $650/session
Mental, Emotion and Behavior Counselling
  Child Developmental Consultant - $1,400/hr
  Counselor - $950/hr
 School /Home Support /Case Consultation  Clinical Psychologist  - $2,500/hr
 Child Developmental Consultant - $2,200/hr
 Educational Psychologist - $1,700/hr
School/Organization Project
 Case Consultation
 Teacher  Training
 Parent Education :
   Seminar /Workshop
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Services Fee